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About us

We believe in the personal approach here at 3 Media. We are a friendly professional team dedicated to making sure that you are delighted with us at every stage of your dealings with us.

Reports of the demise of printed material are way off the mark. There is always going to be a place for superb quality, beautifully designed printed material. Print never needs to be plugged in or charged up, it never distracts you with pop-ups or annoying videos for things you have no interest in, and of course it has a quality that you can feel with your own hands. And despite the ever smaller mobile devices that are being produced every year, there is nothing so easily portable and mobile as print. That’s why the team here at 3 Media love print.

3 Media’s Estate Agent Sales Folders and Brochure Folders really have raised the bar when it comes to superb quality bespoke folders. We have worked very hard to come up with a great solution that works wonders for Estate Agents and Sponsors. Read on and see why they can work for you.