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Hotel Maps



We work with many of the world’s top hotels along with their choice of high quality local businesses and services they recommend to their guests.

Focusing exclusively on the luxury tourism and executive business travel markets, we at 3Media are frequent travelers ourselves and as such we think like guests, and have a real understanding of what is required to make a hotel stay a great experience that guests will want to repeat.

We are also business owners and as such have an understanding of the pressures surrounding hotel managers, concierge, front of house and the proprietors of local businesses.

You will find us to be professional, honest and reliable and we are very easy to work with. Our core business focus is to work with small businesses and boutique hotels, where the management and front of house are responsible for everything.

We work also with larger hotels and hotel chains adhering to brand guidelines and the many departments and people who may need to be involved.

Your hotel and supporting businesses will be given our utmost attention and the products we deliver will represent you in the best possible way.


We work with hotel’s and hotel managers all over the world, working closely with staff to accurately pin point the types of local businesses that their guests will need and use. We then approach the local businesses and give them opportunity to take part.

To create the map relevant to each venue we work closely with each hotel to ensure every publication along with its detailed map is on brand and bespoke to each individual establishment. Brand guidelines are utmost important and the same stringent measures are taken with each of our advertisers.

Together our team of designers will work on making sure your end product is the best in its class, helping to leave your customers with happy and lasting impression.

We know from experience and asking hotel guests across the world that people like paper maps, pinpointing what’s on and where to go is always a must. We regularly study our market-place and even in this age of technology, business people and tourists alike still use a paper map. The maps we create are small enough to fit into a pocket or handbag.

Guests can write on the notes page or even draw on a map, and it is more secure than carrying a smartphone or tablet when walking the streets. Guests will use a map and often retain after their visit ready for their return stay.

The map includes vital information about the hotel, and a digital version may be sent to guests before they arrive, or given simply to guests during their stay. It can replace clutter in the hotel reception and rooms, such as business cards and brochures. For local businesses, it helps to sign post their services and drive many affluent customers in to their business.